Wheat Field Comparison

Field on the left was planted without NLA one week prior to the field on the right.  The field on the right which is located less than a mile away from the field on the left was planted with NLA and is having phenomenal results.

Soybean Comparison

The beans on the left were not treated with NLA during a drought. Lacking in the number of pods and brown in color.  The beans on the right were treated with NLA during the same drought. Many more pods, healthier and more green than those on the left. The farmer had a yield increase between 5% - 14%


This evergreen had bad winter burn and was on it's way out. New Life Agricultural brought this evergreen back to normal in just 1 month.


Cilantro plant on the left was planted without NLA.  Cilantro plant on the right was planted with NLA

Watermelon Comparison

Without NLA on the left, With NLA on the right

Alfalfa Comparison

Without NLA on the left, With NLA on the right
15" growth on the Left, 22" growth on the right

This farmer in Illinois has farmed this wheat field for over 50 years. After applying New Life Agricultural he walked through his field and noticed for the first time in all the years of farming, he did not have any wild onions growing in his wheat. He saved $9/acre by not applying any herbicide and at harvest had no deductions for onion.


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