"Thanks to New life Agricultural we had Jalapenos for over 10 months (even surviving hurricane conditions). Past years we would get a good round of Jalapenos, but it was to our surprise the Jalapenos kept growing and growing producing over 400 in just 3 plants. The only difference was the application of the Microbes. We look forward to applying New Life Agricultural to our entire garden. "
Thank you,
J. Koll Charleston, SC.

“The tomato plant on the right was planted with New Life Agricultural added at the time of planting. The plant on the left did not have New Life Agricultural applied. The plant on the right with the microbial soil amendment, eventually produced 4-5 times the amount of the one on the left.”


Started garden on July 1. Sprayed New Life Agricultural on the root-ball of the starter vegetables. The vegetables took off, and sprouted cucumbers through November. Watered good for the first few weeks. After that, watered maybe once a week and no watering from September to November – just natural. Here are pictures after just 4 weeks.
AJ Defiance, MO


2501 Lakeview Rd,
Mexico, MO 65265

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Email: Info@NewLifeAgricultural.com
Phone: (573) 582-1188

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